sipsmith copper cocktail shaker
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Copper Cocktail Shaker

From a daring Chilli & Lime Margarita to a classic Clover Club, you can be sure to shake up a storm with our Copper Cocktail Shaker.


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Shake it 'til you make it with our copper-coated Sipsmith Shaker.

Our two-piece cocktail shaker, also known as a French Shaker, is the perfect addition to your home bar, allowing professionals and home bartenders alike to craft a host of sensationally sippable cocktails. In contrast to the three-piece cocktail shaker, this is much easier to open after shaking.

When it comes to using your Sipsmith Shaker, there are two methods you'll find in our gin cocktail recipes: wet shaking and dry shaking. "What's the difference?" we hear you ask. Quite simply, 'wet' shaking is when you add ice to the ingredients, and 'dry' is without. Dry shaking is most commonly used in cocktails with egg white to achieve the perfect creamy foam, found in cocktails such as our Clover Club, Zesty Orange White Lady and Peach & Grapefruit Sour. Ice is often added after to chill the cocktail whilst maintaining the foam.

Whilst there are thousands of cocktails designed to be shaken, there are a few that we would never recommend shaking, such as the Martini, Negroni, and anything with fizz.

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1x two-piece copper-coated Sipsmith cocktail shaker