Martini Stirring Glass

There are many ways to create a martini, and at Sipsmith our preference is to stir it down over ice. Stirring helps to keep low dilution whilst maintaining a fantastic texture in the spirit. Crafted from our London Dry Gin bottle, our martini stirring glass is then hand cut and lip, transforming it from bottle to stirring glass.


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Famously called “the elixir of quietude” by author E. B. White, the martini was also notably sipped sans-vermouth by Churchill and twice-daily by Hemmingway. It's true to say that the martini has no shortage of iconic fans who wax lyrical about its restorative effects. While we can't promise restoration, we can promise that Sipsmith London Dry Gin makes a sensational martini.

To create our perfect martini stirring glass, we took our London Dry Gin bottle and hand cut and lipped it. Each stirring glass is 500ml, but for the perfect martini we recommend stirring down one martini at a time.

The Ultimate Martini
- 125ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin
25ml Dry Vermouth

Stir over ice, strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Martini Stirring Glass:
- Each stirring glass is unique due to the nature of them being hand cut
- Martini stirring glass comes in a Sipsmith green gift box


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