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Sipping Society Exclusive Gins

A selection of your favourite Sipping Society gins, exclusively available to Sipping Society Members for a limited time only.

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  Product Quantity
mince pie gin
Mince Pie Gin 20cl
secret gin
Limited Edition Christmas Gins (20cl)
Christmas Gins:
Christmas Tree Gin
gingerbread gin
Gingerbread Gin 20cl
Eat Drink and Be Cherry
Eat, Drink and Be Cherry
toasted marshmallow gin
Toasted Marshmallow Gin Liqueur
christmas pudding gin
Christmas Pudding Gin - 20cl
toasted marshmallow gin
Toasted Marshmallow Gin Liqueur 20cl
Cranberry and Clementine Gin Liqueur
Cranberry & Clementine Gin Liqueur
Chocolate Orange Gin
Chocolate Orange Gin
Cacao & Honeycomb Gin Liqueur
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More Product Information

Discover a world of Sipsmith Sipping Society Gins, perfect for the festive season. Available for a limited time only.

Mince Pie Gin (20cl) – Our Mince Pie Gin is inspired by…. you’ve guessed it – everyone’s favourite delightfully seasonal treats. Notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla lead to a buttery biscuit finish in this beautifully rich limited-edition gin.

Christmas Tree Gin (20cl) – If V.J.O.P. is like running through a pine forest naked, this is like skipping through a dewy pine wood clutching your first fresh slice of Christmas cake.

Christmas Pudding Gin (20cl) – Best sipped on Christmas day, in front of a raging fire, top with clementine tonic or stir down in a martini or Martinez.

Chocolate Orange Gin (20cl) – Smooth, chocolatey and unmistakably junipery.

Cacao & Honeycomb Gin Liqueur (20cl) – Crafted with fresh honeycomb and cacao nibs for the perfect after-dinner treat.

Gingerbread Gin (20cl) – Did you know gin and gingerbread was the first ever recorded alcohol and food pairing? It was this rather tasty duo dating back to the 1600s that inspired us to distil our very own Gingerbread Gin.

Black Forest Gin (20cl) – Sloe Gin is re-imagined in this sensational twist for a delightfully fruity tipple.

Toasted Marshmallow Gin Liqueur (20cl) –  Our distillers worked tirelessly to ensure this seasonal treat was translated perfectly into this month’s offering, for a subtlety sweet liqueur with a festive flavour.

Cranberry & Clementine Gin Liqueur 20cl – Our light and fruity Cranberry & Clementine Gin Liqueur captures this delightfully festive flavour duo in a hand crafted liqueur

Eat, Drink and Be Cherry (20cl) – This seasonal spirit sees cassia, cloves, nutmeg, liquorice and cinnamon go into the still alongside plump, ruby-red raspberries and cherries.

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