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Indulgent January: Four Delicious Gin Dessert Cocktails

in Articles December 18, 2015

Dry January? We’re celebrating indulgent January instead – and these dessert cocktails are just the thing to toast the occasion.


Happy indulgent January! Instead of following the prevailing trend and giving up cocktails this month, we’re turning the tables and transforming January into a celebration of treats, pleasure, and everything good. After all, it’s dark, cold, and the holiday season has to come to an end. Who wants to compound the misery by giving up gin, too?

In our first indulgent January instalment, we’ve collected four dessert cocktails that are the perfect end to a feast. Whether savoured as digestifs or served in place of pud at a dinner party, they’re sure to be a real treat.

Gin Alexander

Adapted from Difford’s Guide

Brandy may be most commonly associated with the Alexander, but the classic cocktail can be made with any number of spirits – gin included. Rich, creamy, and enticingly spiced thanks to the nutmeg garnish, it’s one of our best-loved dessert cocktails.

45ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

30ml white crème de cacao

15ml single cream

In a cocktail shaker, combine all three ingredients and shake. Add very cold ice and shake again. Strain into a chilled coupette glass and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Giña Colada Ice Lollies

Before you ask: yes, you can whip up a homemade batch of ice lollies no matter the season. In this case, it helps that they’re indulgently spiked. We’ve taken the classic Piña Colada combination of coconut and pineapple, but have swapped the rum for gin. Freeze and enjoy.

120ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

120ml coconut milk

525g pineapple chunks

Blend all three ingredients together and freeze in ice lolly moulds until set.

Gin Float

This dessert cocktail is simple: it’s a classic G&T…but with a scoop of vanilla ice cream thrown in. Who could resist?

50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

Tonic water

Drop vanilla essence

Generous scoop vanilla ice cream

Add a decent amount of ice to a chilled highball or copa glass (though not so much that the ice cream won’t fit). Pour in the gin and vanilla essence and add tonic water to taste; give one quick stir if necessary. Top with an unapologetically large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Grapefruit Gin Granita

If you’re the type who loves to end dinner with a sorbet (and a tipple), then this is the dessert for you. Bright, citrusy, and, most importantly, redolent of gin, it’s a wonderfully refreshing serve.

200ml freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice, strained

30g sugar

Pinch of salt

25ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

5 dashes Angostura bitters

First, make a simple syrup by heating 25ml of grapefruit juice and the sugar, stirring occasionally until sugar is dissolved. Combine the cooled syrup with the rest of the juice and add the salt, gin, and Angostura bitters. Transfer to a shallow pan with about 2-inch sides and freeze.

To form the granita, freeze the mixture for an hour and then scrape and stir with a fork, from the edges into the center, every 30 minutes for approximately 3 hours until frozen crystals have formed.

Feature image © Wavebreakmedia/iStock

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