In the wake of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we couldn’t be prouder to debut Mr. Swan: our first-ever Sipsmith short film.

A pioneering piece of animation—it’s the first stop-motion advert of its kind—Mr. Swan leads viewers through the Sipsmith story, from our uncompromising approach to quality to our beautiful gin, handcrafted by a passionate team of distillers.

That said, we think Mr. Swan is closer to artwork than advert. It took a team of talented filmmakers, set-makers, puppeteers, and other skilled craftspeople many months to perfect every single detail, from replicating our gleaming copper stills in miniature and dipping tiny gin bottles in wax down to the hand-sewn buttons on our hero’s three-piece suit. Stop-motion animation is a slow and labour-intensive process, and doesn’t allow one to cut corners—but given that that’s our approach to making gin, it felt like just the right medium to share our ethos.

Meet Mr. Swan 

In the clip, our charming swan (you may recognize him from our bottles) narrates a journey through the distillery, and shares what makes Sipsmith’s approach so meticulous and uncompromising.

Behind the Scenes 

Discover a behind-the-scenes look at how Mr. Swan was painstakingly made during this short film.

Of course, we didn’t need to lavish as much time and care on our first film—it just felt like the right thing to do. As Mr. Swan himself says: we make gin, not compromises.

Keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Swan on your screens from April. 

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