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The Top Five Sipsmith Sipping Society Gins

in Articles November 17, 2016
Top five Gins | Bonfire

From Lemon Drizzle to Strawberries & Cream, we’ve picked our top five gins from the Sipsmith Sipping Society.

We’re more than a little proud of our Sipping Society, and of the special-edition gins that it debuts every quarter. Guided by the creative wizardry of our Master Distiller Jared Brown and our Head Distiller Ollie Kitson, our Sipping Society team makes bold and beautiful distillations, shaped by seasonal flavours and made with the freshest ingredients.

Though we’re exceedingly proud of every gin we’ve released through the Sipping Society (16 thus far, for those who are counting), the following crowd-pleasing distillations have all found their way into our top five gins. Whether chilli-spiced, smoke-infused, or dosed with milk sugar, they’re all innovatively made – and exceptionally delicious.

1. Lemon Drizzle Gin

Ah, Lemon Drizzle – the Sipping Society gin we loved so much, we had to make it part of our permanent portfolio. Naturally sweet and more than a little reminiscent of lemon drizzle cake, this citrusy spirit features three additions of lemon: dried lemon peels, vapour-infused lemon, and a fresh lemon twist in every bottle (not to mention hand-picked lemon verbena, sourced straight from Jared’s garden). Zesty and deliciously indulgent, it’s little wonder this lovely distillation found a place in our list of the top five gins.

Zesty and deliciously indulgent, it’s little wonder that Lemon Drizzle found a place in our list of the top five gins.

2. Strawberries & Cream Gin Liqueur

Quick: what’s the most quintessential London summertime experience – nibbling strawberries and cream at Wimbledon or enjoying a G&T in a pub garden? With our Strawberries & Cream Gin Liqueur, you don’t have to decide. Made with fresh English strawberries and homemade milk sugar, it smells like strawberry cheesecake…and tastes even better.

3. Peter Piper Gin

Not for the spice-averse, our Peter Piper Gin is as peppery as can be – after all, it’s made with high-voltage Scotch Bonnets, peri peri, pink peppercorns, and paprika (in addition to fragrant bay leaves and caraway seeds). The resulting tipple is wondrously savoury, richly complex, and, yes, definitely spicy…and it works a dream in a Red Snapper.

Made with four carefully selected olive varieties, Clearly Dirty Gin has all the buttery, rich, floral flavours you’d expect from olives, sans the knockout punch of brine.

4. Clearly Dirty Gin

The Dirty Martini can be a controversial drink, and many bartenders caution against mixing complex, subtle gin with overwhelmingly strong olive brine. And yet, it certainly isn’t wrong to like your gin with a dose of olive. Ollie came up with the solution in the form of our Clearly Dirty Gin. Made with four carefully selected olive varieties, it has all the buttery, rich, floral flavours you’d expect from olives, sans the knockout punch of brine.

5. Bonfire Gin

Just in time for November: our gloriously autumnal Bonfire Gin. The very essence of cool, fireside evenings, it’s infused with cherry wood smoke, courtesy of a contraption that Jared invented himself and installed in his back garden. But while smoke is at the forefront, this gin is also incredibly nuanced, with chestnut on the nose and dark chocolate, paprika, and leather notes discernible on the tongue. If you ask us, there’s no better way to celebrate the season.

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