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Ice-Creamy Gin Cocktails With Jude’s

in Competitions August 5, 2020

Gin and ice-cream; an unsuspected match made in Heaven. The perfect treat to be enjoyed on a warm summer’s evening, or after dinner as dessert.

Crafted in collaboration with fellow B Corp and creator of award-winning ice-cream, Jude’s, our Head of Ginnovation, Ciarán, created four exclusive cocktails to sip this summer. Plus, enter our competition at the bottom of the page for the chance to win everything you need to craft some ice-creamy cocktails at home this Bank Holiday Weekend.


Ciarán’s top tip: when you pour the chilled prosecco into the glass, avoid the ice cream to prevent it from melting straight away.

You’ll need:

To make yours, combine the Lemon Drizzle Gin and lemon juice in a chilled coupette. Then, place the scoop of ice cream in the middle and pour the prosecco around it. Garnish with lemon zest, and eat with a spoon, or drink.


Ciarán’s top tip: when you add the cocktail mixture to the soda in the glass, pour very slowly to create a soufflé effect and prevent it from overflowing.

You’ll need:

Combine all ingredients, excluding the soda water, along with two cubes of ice, in a cocktail shaker. Shake hard until all lumps are gone (4-5 minutes – it’s worth the wait!). In a chilled highball (without ice), fill the glass a third full with soda water and then slowly top up with your ginny ice cream mixture in the shaker. The consistency will be that of a milkshake. Garnish with a mint sprig, sip and enjoy!


Ciarán’s top tip: to create a distinctive layer, make sure the spoon is touching the Kahlúa when you poor the ice cream mixture over the back of the spoon.

You’ll need:

To make yours, pour the Kahlúa into a chilled rocks glass with one large block of ice. In a cocktail shaker, shake the gin and ice cream until smooth (we don’t mind a few lumps). Use a spoon to pour the ginny ice cream mixture over the Kahlúa in a layer. Garnish with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon and an orange peel twist for a sensationally zesty ice cream cocktail.


Ciarán’s top tip: when stirring the ingredients, don’t be afraid to leave a few lumps of ice cream – they add body as they melt and allow you to eat it with a spoon if you wish!

You’ll need:

To craft this indulgent twist on a White Lady, simply stir all ingredients (excluding garnish) until lightly smooth, then pour into a chilled coupette. Leave ungarnished, or a place a squeezed orange twist on top for a show-stopping finish.


To get your creamy sipping off to a sensational start, enter below for the chance to win a selection of Sipsmith barware, gin of your choice and selection of Jude’s ice cream, direct to your door in time for the Bank Holiday Weekend. Find our T&Cs here.

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