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Copper Swan Drinks Stirrer

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Swan Drinks Stirrer

The perfect addition to any G&T, designed to elevate your sip.



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Elevate your G&T with a wedge of fresh lime and a swirl of our Swan Drinks Stirrer.

A key addition to any home bar, you might know the drinks stirrer by another name; the swizzle stick. Dating back centuries, the swizzle stick is believed to have gotten its name from the onomatopoeic sound it makes as it ‘swizzles’ a drink. Whilst we know how handsome our Swan Drinks Stirrer is, this is not just a decorative piece of bartending equipment. We recommend not swizzling your G&T, and instead lightly ‘lift and flick’ from the bottom of the glass to combine your gin and tonic without disturbing your ice cubes too much – this will help slow the dilution too (key to a perfect G&T!).

Product information:
1x copper-effect Swan Drinks Stirrer
Height: 18cm, width: 3cm.
Hand wash only
Available to purchase with any order over £20.