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Sloe Gin

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Sloe Gin

First, we distil our award-winning London Dry Gin on our copper stills. Then we leave it to rest on wild sloe berries, picked in the autumn. The result is a truly handmade sloe gin that is subtle, complex and bursting with flavour.

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Tasting Notes

The Nose

Gorgeous redcurrant and ripe winter fruits with stone-fruit almond.

The Palate

Cassis comes through with soft cherry hints and a rounded fruitiness.

The Finish

Velvety mouthfeel and balanced sweetness.

Serving Suggestions

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More Product Information

Truly handmade, complex & bursting with flavour.

The process for our Sloe Gin production begins in the autumn when our sloe berries (a hedgerow fruit in the plum family) are picked and left to rest with our London Dry Gin. Year-on-year, the harvests vary due to the ever changing, unpredictable British weather. Much like a good wine, every vintage that we produce has its own wonderfully unique character, with Sipsmith quality guaranteed.

Think of sloe gin as Britain’s national liqueur, as limoncello is to Italy. It’s sensationally sippable in a whole host of gin cocktails, and can be added to a number of our London Dry Gin cocktails to add a dose of berry sweetness. Our favourite Sipsmith Sloe Gin cocktails are a Winter G&T, a Sloe-groni and in a Hot Mulled Sloe, on a chilly day.

Product Information:
29% ABV

The key to the perfect sloe gin is restraint with sugar and the Sipsmith boys have balanced this beauty to perfection. The berry flavours are splendidly seasonal here. The ideal hip flask booster on a wintry stroll.

Mail on Sunday

It’s delicious in champagne and strikes a wonderful wintertime harmony with strong cheeses or chocolate-based desserts.

Sipsmith Jared

We thought Sipsmith couldn’t top its British-brewed gin, but this Sloe version is even better.

Sunday Times Style

It’s smooth, it’s rich and it goes down with a festive ease.

The Independent

If you like the idea of sloe gin but not the sugary sweetness of most commercial and home-made versions, you will almost certainly like Sipsmith Sloe Gin, which has a convincing vibrant sloe flavour with high-quality dry gin behind it.

House and Garden

The sloe variety (now available in a single year vintage) has attracted a growing cult.

Evening Standard

A blend of Sipsmith London Dry Gin and Dartmoor sloe berries, it’s a winner for an intoxicating warming drink this winter.


A fruity, wintry offering from London's hottest distillery.



  1. Packed full of juicy berries … Fantastic with Fever-Tree’s Lemon Tonic or just ‘Sipping’ by itself, also is the star of the show in cocktails. Each bottle has a ‘Vintage’ date so I’m searching out the others!


  2. So nice over ice cream!


  3. My favourite sweet and fruity tipple, perfect over fresh berries and ice- topped with lemonade! The gorgeous colour and rich berry flavours make for some really beautiful looking cocktails too.


  4. Gorgeous served over ice with lemonade. The perfect balance of sweetness and juicy berries on the palate- I will recommend to everyone!


  5. This is dangerous! So moreish on a lovely summer’s day with ice and/or a citrus based tonic. Sweet and sour.

    Nick Kilby

  6. A winter classic, delicious to sip on its own.


  7. Easily the best Sloe Gin available.
    Fantastic by itself, but so versatile in cocktails and deserts!
    Ideal warmer in the depths of winter and a fruity refresher with ice and tonic on a summer evening, what’s not to like?


  8. I always take a bottle of Sipsmith Sloe Gin when I go overseas – it’s a perfect thank you gift for my hosts. Uniquely British and absolutely delicious.


  9. A fantastic taste of Autumn / Winter that really packs-a-punch 👌🏼🍇🍸


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