Lemon Drizzle Gin

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Lemon Drizzle Gin

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Lemon Drizzle Gin

First, we take our award-winning London Dry Gin, then hand peel each and every lemon that gives this gin its aromatic freshness and sharp bite, before adding carefully selected citrus botanicals, resulting in a sensationally sippable, zesty lemon gin.

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Tasting Notes

The Nose

A glaze of biscuity sweetness with an unmistakable citrus twist

The Palate

Fresh, zesty, warming zing with an underlying hint of vanilla

The Finish

A light, bright and warming, liquorice laced finale

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More Product Information

Hand-peeled lemons meet our award-winning Sipsmith London Dry Gin for a zesty lemon gin that’s like no other. 

Our Lemon Drizzle Gin is inspired by the citrus gins from the early 1900s. We’ve taken our classic London Dry Gin and layered on sweet, sundried lemon peel, lemon verbena and vapour-infused fresh lemons, for a sensationally sippable lemon gin. As all of the lemoniness is imparted during the distillation process, you can expect a natural, subtle lemon flavour with the quality our gin is renowned for.

To serve, add 50ml Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin to a highball glass filled with ice, and top with chilled Mediterranean tonic water for a refreshingly light and bright G&T – or explore more Lemon Drizzle Gin cocktail recipes below (we like it best in a Lemon Drizzle Spritz or a Lemon Drizzle 75)!

Product Information:
40.4% ABV

The only sugary thing about this Lemon Drizzle Gin is the name, the flavour - as you'd expect from Sipsmith - is refined, off-dry and lemony


Be still our beating hearts. Bake Off fans will adore this new gin, based on everybody’s favourite citrus-laced sponge cake, there’s a biscuity sweetness, followed by a flavour of fresh, zesty, warming lemons, and a lightly liquorice-infused finish.



  1. So refreshing and lots of lemony zesty deliciousness. Not sweet at all which I was worried about. Its a real gin! Highly recommend it with med tonic….perfect for summer relaxation in the garden!


  2. Light and bright, a delicious summertime G&T


  3. My husband and I tasted this gin on our first date together five years ago. It’s utterly delicious! Everyone who we recommend this too can’t get enough of it either!


  4. Superbly refreshing- light and delicious. I followed Sipsmith’s recipe for the lemon drizzle mojito and it was fantastic!


  5. As a huge fan of citrus lemon this one ticks all the boxes, dialled up zesty lemon and still punching juniper! With a Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a lemon wheel for a sunset G&T or try in a White Lady….knockout!


  6. So impressed with this. It’s a proper gin with a lovely lemon taste. It’s not sweet and the flavours are subtle. This makes a really good G+T and a must buy, even if you’re not into flavoured gins, you’ll love this.


  7. Zesty tasting gin. Perfect with fever Tree Plain tonic. Refreshing taste and highly recommended.

    Tracie Hawker Stott

  8. Someone very kindly introduced me to Sipsmith by buying me a bottle of this gorgeous gin! Lovely with just slimline tonic alone, went down a treat. Will be buying again for sure!


  9. This is my absolute favourite. It lends just enough lemon flavour when mixed with tonic; it is both refreshing and deliciously moreish.


  10. Very refreshing

    Carl Totty

  11. Was gifted a bottle of this. Fresh, refreshing and perfect straight up over ice


  12. Was worried this would be too sweet, but was so wrong it is light and refreshing a lovey summer time drink.


  13. This does exactly what it says on the tin! Absolutely delicious! Highly recommended.


  14. Really lovely served chilled and neat, or lengthened with some soda water.


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