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Nightcap Gin

People have used many methods over the years to assist with their sleep; the heady scent of lavender has long been known for its soporific effects, with 11th Century St Hildegard describing a lavender bath as the perfect precursor to a good night’s sleep.

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Lavender, white chocolate and spring meadow sweetness.

The Palate

Warming cardamon with a rich and savoury walnut spice.

The Finish

Evolving finish.

More Product Information

As a favourite of the Ancient Egyptians, drinking camomile tea as a sleep-aid goes back even further. Rather more recently, the concept of the nightcap has gained popularity – a tipple typically strong in flavour and ABV that will ensure the drinker will soon be tucked up in bed. It was this combination of tranquilizing traditions that inspired this gin; where sleep-inducing botanicals including lavender, camomile flowers and mallow root were distilled to a rather punchy 47.7% ABV to ensure a visit from the Sandman soon awaits.

Violet Lady
35ml Nightcap Gin
10ml Cointreau
10ml Crème de Violette
20ml Lemon juice
1 Egg white (optional)
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, close and dry shake to mix the egg. Fill with ice and shake again. Double strain in to a chilled coupette and garnish with a lemon twist.

The Nightcap
40ml Nightcap Gin
10ml Cocchi Americana Rosa Vermouth
Stir down over ice for two minutes. Serve in a small sherry glass with a lavender sprig garnish.