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Secret Sloe Gin

To make your own sloe gin at home, one would start by resting sloe berries with a fantastic gin (we recommend our London Dry!) for at least 3 months, adding a little sugar at the end. Our Secret Sloe, Houdini-esk gin is in essence, sloe gin made backwards…

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Ripe cherries and blackcurrant, with hints of almonds.

The Palate

Heady rose with warming blackberry.

The Finish

Rich lychee, off dry – medium dry/medium sweet.

More Product Information

By steeping sloe berries in our pure wheat spirit, we create a wonderfully fruity base from which to craft our gin. This fruit ladened spirit is then distilled together with a host of juniper, liquorice and fresh orange zest for sweetness. Though the spirit picks up a wonderfully rich burgundy colouration whilst steeping with the berries, distillation does not allow the colour molecules to distil over the ‘swan’s neck’. Thus allowing us to distil a clear spirit somewhere between a gin and schnapps, carrying a whisper of this quintessentially British, hedgerow fruit throughout.