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    4 Spicy Cocktail Recipes Using Our Chilli & Lime Gin

    in Mixology July 21, 2020

    Whether you’re a spice-fiend or simply like your tipples with a kick, you’ll love our deliciously daring spicy cocktail recipes made with our Limited Edition Chilli & Lime Gin.

    In celebration of summer, we’re turning up the temperature with four spicy cocktail recipes featuring our first – and refreshingly fiery – release from our Sipping Series.


    With bright citrus notes on the nose, ripe cantaloupe melon balanced with warming red chilli and pine on the palate, and a delicate dry juniper base you’ll find in all of our gins, our Chilli & Lime Gin is the ultimate summertime sip.

    Crafted by mingling seven fruity and complex chillies with zesty limes, this limited-edition gin can be combined with Indian tonic water to make a sizzling Chilli & Lime G&T. Simply take a tall glass, fill it with ice and pour 50ml Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin and top with 150ml chilled Indian tonic water. To dial up the heat for a truly spicy cocktail, garnish with a sliver of fresh chilli.

    Spicy gin cocktail chilli & lime g&t


    This scorching spritz is an effortlessly cool accompaniment to sunny days spent at the seaside. However, if you plan to holiday at home this year, rest assured that it tastes just as delicious when served in your own back garden or balcony. Craft a dangerously moreish Chilli & Lime Spritz by pouring 35ml Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin and 50ml vermouth into an ice-filled glass and top with chilled Indian tonic water. Complete your spicy concoction with a spiral of fresh lime peel and a thin slice of red chilli.

    Spicy gin cocktail chilli & lime gin spritz


    Our Chilli & Lime Gin Margarita demonstrates the versatility of this gin, creating a flavour fiesta that works wonders in this spicy cocktail recipe. Armed with some homemade guacamole and a bowl of crunchy tortilla chips, this sip packs a fiery punch at any picnic. Pour 35ml Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin, 15ml Cointreau, 20ml fresh lime juice and 10ml sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker that’s filled with ice. To spice up this sip add a few slices of fresh chilli to spotlight the spice and shake to combine. Coat the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with lime juice and dip in sea salt to coat, then strain into the glass and garnish with a little more chilli or a lime wedge for a burst of tantalising freshness.

    Spicy gin cocktail chilli & lime margarita


    Eager to get a little more experimental? Discover why variety truly is the spice of life by substituting rum for our Chilli & Lime Gin to make a minty mojito. Pour 40ml Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin, 15ml sweet vermouth, 20ml lime juice and 10ml sugar syrup into a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Then, add a couple of fresh lime wedges and a handful of mint leaves before muddling together. Top with soda and garnish with a sprig of mint or a slice of red chilli to crank up the heat.


    If these tantalising spicy cocktail recipes have got your taste buds tingling, you might be interested in the first of our Sip At Home virtual cocktail masterclasses, which features our Chilli & Lime Gin. Hosted by Sipsmith Swans at 7pm on Thursday 30th July, your ticket includes a ginny delivery with all of the ingredients you’ll need to craft two of our favourite Chilli & Lime cocktails.

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