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Bonfire Gin

One sniff of this gin will take you back to bonfire nights of old, where the stubborn smokey smell that embeds your clothes, clings to you like a shadow for days to follow. Picture yourself gazing into a mountainous bonfire; entranced by the flames, cracking the thick wall of caramel around your toffee apple, whilst simultaneously trying not to break a tooth and blind yourself with the smoke, which inevitably is blowing in your direction – and that’s what this smooth and smokey gin is reminiscent of.

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Smoked wood with rich chestnut, subsiding into grilled bananas and fireworks.

The Palate

Dark chocolate, smoked paprika and English BBQs.

The Finish

Rich peaty notes, lending itself to a smokey leathery ending.


  • Cherry Wood Chips

    Lighting dampened cherry wood chips produce masses of thick smoke that was bubbled through this gin to transform it into a smokey phenomena.  

More Product Information

To achieve this extraordinarily and almost fruity smoked gin, Master Distiller Jared built a (slightly mad) smoking contraption in his back garden, resembling something halfway between a steam engine and a shisha pipe. Stoking it with cherry wood, then bubbling the warm smoke through our gin, transforms our classic London Dry into this smokey phenomena. To get to this beautifully light bonfire gin, Jared tried stoking his smoking contraption with different types of wood, settling on cherry wood after dozens of different trials. He also dampened the wood chips before using them to produce a thick mass of smoke.


  1. I love to mix this with Sipsmith Sloe Gin and shake with ice, lemon juice and sugar syrup to make a kind of martini. Or a ‘Smoke-tini’.

    Sipsmith Rich

  2. Loved the cocktails suggestion for a Smoke-Tini, rich and smokey, perfect for a winter drink by the fire.


  3. Bonfire Night in a glass – the Smoke-Tini was fantastic 🙂


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