The Story

This gin was born out of Head Distiller Ollie's joint hatred of brine and love of olives. His plan, to make a perfect dirty martini with all the flavour of olives, less the salty brine. This recipe uses four carefully selected varieties of olives to give the gin its delicious full flavour. Cerignola olives giving give the gin a buttery character, Hojiblanca olives which add a nuttiness, Mission olives create a fresh herbal aroma and Kalamata olives provides rich fruity notes. Thus creating a well-balanced almost floral olive character without any overpowering brine.

Tasting notes

The Nose
Strong herbal undertones from the Mission olives with hints of bright citrus from the orange and lemon peel in the gin.

The Palate
The Cerignola olives come into their own here, bringing a smooth butteriness to the pallet, beautifully balanced with nutty notes from the Hojiblanca olives.

The Finish
Olive gives way to the London Dry Gin base, leaving you with a strong juniper backbone.

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    I love to sip this with a Mediterranean mezze platter.

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