The Story

We used grains of paradise, previously banned by King George III for use in malt liquid production due to it making the alcohol taste like a higher proof, which brings an element of spice and richness to our creamy Desert Island Gin. This gin also uses Tahitian vanilla; there are three different types of vanilla, Mexican, Madagascan and Tahitian. Tahitian is usually used in perfumery and is lighter and more delicate than the other two, with Mexican vanilla being slightly smokey and a lot stronger and Madagascan falling in the middle of the two.

Tasting notes

The Nose
Citrussy lime marmalade and rich buttery toast to start.

The Palate
Subtle peppery spice, leading on to sweet sandalwood.

The Finish
Smooth coconut and sweet, toffee butterscotch.

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    I love to add this to a tropical cocktail and wear an appropriately tropical shirt to match.

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