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FreeGlider™ Alcohol Free Spirit

Our sensationally sippable alcohol-free spirit, FreeGlider is the perfect treat to enjoy when you’re not drinking.

Enjoy in a FreeGlider & Tonic, simply top 50ml FreeGlider with 100ml chilled tonic water and garnish with a grapefruit twist.

<0.5% ABV

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Tasting Notes

The Nose

Refreshing eucalyptus, with spicy juniper undertones

The Palate

Bright zesty citrus balanced by a full-bodied capsicum heat

The Finish

​An extra dry pine finale with a short fiery kick

Serving Suggestions

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More Product Information

Taking alcohol free sipping to new heights.

It is relatively easy to make gin, however making great gin requires skill, patience and craft. The same applies to alcohol free spirits. The Sipsmith team go to extraordinary lengths to craft the finest possible liquids, and Sipsmith FreeGlider was no exception. We experimented with 189 prototypes and over 100 ingredients to create the ultimate alcohol free spirit; one that doesn’t compromise on quality or flavour.

Crafted with juniper and citrus, try FreeGlider with premium tonic and a grapefruit twist, and sip freely to elevate any moment of moderation.

Delightfully versatile, you can mix up a whole host of alcohol free cocktails with FreeGlider, from a refreshing Summer Spritz to a herbaceous Basil Smash and a creamy Clover Club. Discover our finest alcohol free cocktails featuring FreeGlider here.

Find our most frequently asked FreeGlider questions here.

Product Information:
ABV <0.5%


  1. Finally….an alcohol free gin & tonic that tastes as good as a full strength one. This genuinely tastes amazing! Bought a bottle for my flat mate who doesn’t drink alcohol, and she’s raving about it too!!


  2. I’ve tried loads of alcohol free gins and this is by far the best – you almost don’t notice it has no alcohol in (minus the hangover!!). Thank you Sipsmith!!

    Alex Hammond

  3. I’ve been searching for a non-alcoholic gin for years that stacks up to the real thing…and this it!! Absolutely delicious with tonic, packed full of flavour and ideal for those evenings when I want to cut back on drinking! Thank you Sipsmith!

    Sandra Green

  4. Finally a non-alc gin that you can taste the juniper in. If I was blindfolded and tried this I don’t think i’d guess it wasn’t a London Dry Gin. Really great in a Clover Club!!


  5. My first impression when tasting the drink neat was that it was thin and unremarkable and I have to say that adding tonic didn’t immediately improve the experience. However, having left the drink on the table to rush off and do something else for an hour then returning to it, the flavours have most definitely matured and have been brought out. That said for my taste the juniper is a little weak and overpowered by the citrus. I will try it with a dash of pineapple as suggested but I think orange might possibly be preferable.


  6. Having a family member who is teetotal in a household that loves a good old G&T has led to trying every non-alch under the sun. I can gladly confirm that Freeglider has taken pole position. Most non-alchs seem to have what I can only describe as a pond-water aftertaste, thankfully Freeglider has a crisp and fruity finish.

    Rory Hopkinson

  7. We had high hopes for this, however unfortunately it just tastes like mildly fragrant water. Very disappointing. Save your money and infuse some water yourself with oranges, rosemary and crushed juniper berries.


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