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Lime & Lemongrass Gin 1L

Sipsmith Lime and Lemongrass Gin is part of our Global Explorers collection. Inspired by the flavours of the East, this sensationally sippable liquid holds its own in a classic Gin and Tonic – but we love it in a Gimlet.




Tasting Notes

The Nose

Bright tangy lime, with aromatic sherbet.

The Palate

Aromatic lemongrass, with a fruity juniper backbone, gentle floral notes.

The Finish

Sweet candied lime peel, with light warming spice

More Product Information

Let us transport you to tropical landscapes in every sip.

Introducing Sipsmith’s Lime and Lemongrass Gin, a tantalizing addition to the World Travellers’ Collection, now available for the first time on our website. Crafted with inspiration from the exotic flavors of the East, this gin promises a journey for your taste buds.

Infused with zesty lime and aromatic lemongrass, each sip transports you to distant lands. Perfect for concocting the classic gimlet cocktail or adding a twist to your favorite mixed drinks. Elevate your drinking experience with Sipsmith’s Lime and Lemongrass Gin – a fusion of tradition and exploration in every bottle.

Unlock the flavors of the world with every pour.


Product Information:
40% ABV


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