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Phantom Negroni

Master Distiller Jared and Head Distiller Ollie’s idea was to create a unique and balanced recipe of Sipsmith London Dry Gin, Campari & sweet Vermouth, then redistill it. The result, was a sublimely sippable, unrecognisable ‘phantom’ Negroni.

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Orange Marmalade first hits the nose, to be complemented with sweet spicy clove.

The Palate

Huge juniper flavours are the backbone of this gin with a hint of fennel to give a herbaceous twist.

The Finish

Subtle herbaceous bitterness is lasting on the palate, giving a refreshing memory long after your first sip.

More Product Information

This mind-meddling clear 'phantom' Negroni was born in the Distillery Lab in December last year. One can't distil colour hence why spirits are always clear; the reason for this being that the colour compounds are too big and volatile stopping them from turning to vapour like the rest of the spirit. A spirit can however gain colour post distillation, through methods such as infusions, macerations and aging. The classic Negroni is made from a combination of Gin, sweet Vermouth and Campari. The sweet Vermouth and Campari are both aged and infused with a secret combination of ingredients, giving them a strong red tone and the classic Negroni its distinctive colour.


  1. I love a Negroni and this peculiarly clear version is great fun.

    Sipsmith Milla

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