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Raffles 1915 Gin

Be transported to Singapore with our Raffles 1915 Gin.

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A timeless classic in the making, with delicately spiced botanicals, Raffles 1915 Gin is an embodiment of the Raffles legend as being an oasis for the well-travelled and the beating heart of Singapore during the golden age of exotic travel and cocktail innovation – an experience travellers continue to seek out and treasure to this day.

Created to mark 100 years of the Singapore Sling at Raffles, and to inspire a new generation of bartenders to take up the mantle set by famed bartender Ngiam Tong Boon – creator of the original Singapore Sling – Raffles 1915 Gin marks a new chapter in the history of the most illustrious of cocktails.

Handcrafted at the Sipsmith Distillery in London, available in Raffles London OWO and newly on the Sipsmith website, the recipe is a sensational balance of Malaysian botanicals – jasmine flowers, fresh pomelo peel, lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaf, nutmeg and cardamom – distilled alongside some of the classic gin botanicals found in the award-winning Sipsmith London Dry Gin.


Nose: Baked apple, coriander, lemongrass, cardamom and grapefruit.

Palate: Dry and spicy. Piney juniper, sweet lime zest and a complex array of spice with a nutty roundness.

Finish: Cinnamon, zesty lime and black pepper with a lingering sweetness.


Singapore Sling

35ml Raffles 1915

2oml Heering Cherry Liqueur

15ml Benedictine

2 dash Angostura Bitters

50ml pineapple juice

25ml lime juice

A twist of lemon & pineapple wedge to garnish (or a pineapple leaf and maraschino cherry)

To create the infamous Singapore Sling, firstly fill a highball or hurricane glass with ice. Fill a Boston Shaker with ice and combine all of your ingredients. Shake until cold to touch and double strain into your iced glass. Finally, garnish with a pineapple leaf and maraschino cherry and prepare to sip sensationally.


The Perfect Martini

50ml Raffles 1915

15ml Dry Vermouth

15ml sweet/rose vermouth

Orange peel, to garnish (or a kaffir lime leaf)

To create the Perfect Martini, you must firstly prepare your glassware. Fill a coupette glass with ice and water to chill perfectly. Combine the Raffles 1915 Gin, dry and sweet vermouth in a martini mixing glass and top with ice. Stir briskly for 21 seconds to achieve the perfect dilution. Discard the water and ice from your coupette and strain your martini mixture into the glass. Garnish with pomelo peel or a single kaffir lime leaf. Utter perfection.


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