The Story

Shiso, a Japanese herb belonging to the mint family brings a rich, earthy savoury note that is almost reminiscent of sweet potatoes. Adding sesame seeds to macerate with the rest of the botanicals increases these flavours and gives the gin a wonderfully rich, toasty mouthfeel. To balance out the savoury earthiness, this gin is brightened by the addition of Japanese sun-ripened satsumas. The use of Matcha tea combined with Szechuan pepper helps to provide a dry fresh menthol-like element to the palate, with this combination of Japanese themed botanicals giving this gin a unique umami flavour.

Tasting notes

The Nose
A balanced combination of savoury earthiness and vibrant orange with fresh mint

The Palate
Citrus pulls through first, followed by a refreshing celery salt and menthol pepperiness.

The Finish
A full finish, ending with sweet liquorish notes.

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    “I love this in an ‘Old Fashioned’. Combine it with sugar syrup and a few dashes of orange bitters.”

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