roasty toasty gin

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Roasty Toasty Gin

While many dark beers and whiskies use the Maillard reaction, a technique of applying flames or direct heat to botanicals to change their flavour compounds, it still remains a rather under experimented area in gin

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Warming woody spices and caramelised orange.

The Palate

All-spice gives way to a wonderful light nuttiness with coffee undertones

The Finish

A coating creamy end with hints of toffee.

More Product Information

By roasting a host of herbs and spices such as cumin, fennel and orange peel and toasting coriander seeds and oak chips, we modified the chemical balance in all this gin’s botanicals. The effect this technique had on the finished spirit was rather special, with the citrus notes caramelising and the roasted spices transforming into wonderful biscuity toffee undertones. We recommend waiting for a crisp autumn eve, until you’re sat in front of a large log fire, before you start sipping this one.

Crucible Cobbler
As the gin has nutty notes to it, we found it paired well with a dry sherry such as Fino or Olorosso. So we took a classic Harry Craddock Cobbler Recipe from the earlier 20th century and lowered the sherry content to make space for our Roasty Toasty gin.

45ml Roasty Toasty Gin
15ml Fino/Olloroso Sherry
Half a Lemon
1.5tsp Caster Sugar

Muddled chunks of lemon and sugar in strainer until sugar dissolves/ Shake / Fine Strain / Nick and Nora Glass / Over Crushed Ice / Elaborate fruit garnish

Gin Swizzle

Roasty Toasty Gin 45ml
Freshly squeezed lime 20ml
Gomme sugar 1:1 20ml
Angostura Bitters Dash

Build all ingredients/ Highball Glass / Crushed Ice/ Lime Wedge & Mint


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