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Strawberries & Cream Gin Liqueur

Featuring in our 3rd Sipping Society box this fruity gin liqueur was inspired by the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Rich strawberry cheesecake with a touch of vanilla to start.

The Palate

Succulent summer fruits, strawberry & cream Campino boiled sweets.

The Finish

Ice cream and rich red fruits with hints of pudding wine.


  • Strawberries

    Infusions of fresh strawberries add a natural sweetness and a beautiful pink hue to this liqueur.

More Product Information

With 28,000 kilos of English strawberries being served last year at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, we thought it was only fitting to try our hand at creating a suitably berrytastic and creamy gin. Using the freshest English strawberries and a milk sugar made by Ollie, we think he's really smashed it with this combination. We left the British strawberries to macerate with our finest London Dry Gin for a week, giving the gin its beautiful peachy colour and rich flavour.


  1. A perfect combination for summer sipping while cheering: ‘Come on Andy!’

    Sipsmith Chesca

  2. Awesome – Summer in a glass!

    Mick Walton

  3. This has GOT to be another one to go into production alongside Lemon Drizzle!!


  4. I had not tried this until recently, but when did i was blown away by the taste!
    Sweet, fruity, strong and very moreish! I didn’t even want to mix it with anything it was perfect as a sipping gin.
    A new favorite and i cant wait to try the others!


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