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Before the abundance of autumn apples appear, the plums arrive, which we pluck from their branches or save from the grassy floor. This is the time to preserve summer’s harvest, to store and prepare for the winter ahead – and what better way to capture the sensation of biting into a freshly picked plum from the garden on a hot summer’s day than in a gin? To help you savour this Indian summer moment, we rested our London Dry Gin over a layer of the crimson fruits for a full month and adding a small dose of sugar to taste. The resulting gin liqueur works remarkably well sipped on its own as a digestif, or served with ginger ale and a fresh slice of orange. If you can bear it, save a dram for Christmas, when it really does go down a treat.

The Nose: Light citrus mingled with floral notes, blackberries and bold stone fruits
The Palate: Sweet, sticky plum pudding, lightened with a juicy freshness and a touch of spice
The Finish: A spicy finish, with sweet, caramel notes lingering on the palate

Sugar Plum Sour

40ml Sugar Plum Gin Liqueur
10ml sweet vermouth
20ml lemon juice
Egg white

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake again. Serve by straining into a coupette.

SugarPlum Royale

50ml Sugar Plum Gin Liqueur
100ml Champagne or

Add your choice of sparkling wine to a chilled champagne flute and top with Sugar Plum Gin Liqueur.


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