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Copper Swan Barspoon

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Swan Barspoon

Swirl your drinks in style with our copper-effect Swan Barspoon.



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The perfect addition to any home bar, our copper-effect Swan Barspoon is guaranteed to elevate your serves.

Swirl in style with our Sipsmith Barspoon; a long-handled spoon that can be used for measuring ingredients and stirring cocktails. The corkscrew design features a twisted shaft that both aids stirring and is ideal for layering cocktails.

To layer a cocktail using this barspoon, simply pour the ingredients against the top of the corkscrew; this allows the liquid to travel down and reach the bottom of the glass without splashing. To add a layer to the top, simply turn the head of the spoon upside down and pour the liquid over the curve of the spoon. This allows the liquid to spread out over the surface.

Our top tip? Rotate the spoon between your fingers as you move it around the mixing glass, and do this gently – you don’t want to bash the ice cubes and create any ice chunks.

Product information:
1x copper-effect Swan Barspoon
Hand wash only
Available to purchase with any order over £20


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