The Story

Using clove (a fermented flower) to give this gin a slight spice, we had no need to use our normal botanicals: cinnamon and cassia bark. When experimenting with this gin, Ollie and Jared looked at using saffron but the distilled flavour that came over was too biscuity and didn't compliment the other floral notes, so saffron got left out of the final version that reached you. The rose blossom provides a bright citrus with hibiscus blossom bringing a dryer orange citrus undertone to the gin. We also used locally picked blossoms from damson, greengage, plumb, Asian pear and cherry trees, which help to complete this wonderfully bright and floral gin.

Tasting notes

The Nose
Vanilla undertones turning to honeysuckle with a touch of allspice and liquorice.

The Palate
Bright floral followed by subtle shortbread and carefully blended hoppy notes.

The Finish
Complex citrus leading into a big juniper finish.

1 review for Ten Blossom Gin
  1. 5 out of 5


    My all time favorite. More floral than any bouquet.

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