The Story

First bottled by a London Distillery in 1812 we've spent years tinkering with various recipes for a sweeter Old Tom style gin. Taking inspiration from how it used to be made by London Distillers of old, and how it used to be stored in gin shops of the time (originally in barrels rather than bottles) this festive opportunity was too good to miss. Rested in an Oloroso Sherry cask, this Fine Cordial Gin (the Gentlemen's Old Tom) derives a natural sweetness from the grapefruit and cinnamon and is distilled with the addition of the berry king of the festive feast - the cranberry. Just as they play an indispensable role in your Christmas dinner, their presence in this gin offers a deep fruit accompaniment that compliments the sweet mellow finish of the sherry barrel perfectly.

Tasting notes

The Nose
To begin with: strong, sweet spicey aromas.

The Palate
Aromatic and warming cinnamon.

The Finish
To finish: perfumed clove and oaked berry.

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    This is great in an Old Fashioned with dashes of Angostura bitters and simple syrup.

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