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    SIP & SOLVE: Conundrums to complete with a Gin and Tonic

    in Distillery News April 3, 2020

    Here at Sipsmith, the team have a tendency of getting Itchy Feet if they’re stuck inside for too long.
    That’s why we’ve conjured up some cocktail conundrums and challenges to share with our sippers. Screenshot or download our gin-themed “SIP & SOLVE” games to play at home. The question is – can you solve them before the rest of the Sipsmith team?

    The Gin-Lover’s Crossword

    For all the Wordsmiths out there, Master Distiller Jared Brown has applied his extensive gin knowledge to crafting the ultimate Gin-lover’s Crossword. The accompaniment of a Dirty Martini to sip on with every right answer is optional.

    Scroll to the end of the blog post to reveal the answers.


    2. What is the “it” in a “Gin and It”?

    6. What does the “P” stand for in a Sipsmith V.J.O.P. Gin?

    7. Where does Jenever originate from?

    8. Which nation boasts the highest level of gin sipping?

    9. Ada Coleman famously invented which cocktail?

    10. Which Martini is famously shaken and not stirred in Ian Fleming’s books?



    1 Which famous artist drew “Gin Lane” and “Beer Street”? William _______.

    3. What is the part of a gin still which connects the pot to the Swan’s neck?

    4. What is the name of our original copper pot still, who produced our first batch of London Dry Gin in 2009?

    5. What delicious cocktail is made when you combine gin with lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda? Tom ______


    Cocktail Gin-go

    Taking the extra time at home to master the craft of cocktail making? Find some daily inspiration by taking on our Gin-go challenge. All you’ll need is our London Dry Gin and a copy of our Gin cocktail book, SIP.


    Shaken up Cocktails

    Can you name the cocktails hidden within these conundrums? Some are trickier than others, so it may require a taller serve to savour whilst you solve.


    Be sure to share your answers and your cocktail creations by tagging us on Instagram using @sipsmith. Happy sipping and solving!



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