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How to be the Perfect Host this Christmas, No Matter Your Hosting Style

in Gin Culture November 6, 2018
Mince Pie GIn

Are you a planner, a perfectionist, or a last-minute type? No matter. We’ve gathered our favourite Christmas hosting tips to help you be the perfect host this festive season, whatever your hospitality approach.

It isn’t Christmas without decadent cocktail parties, indulgent dinners and thoughtful gifts —but if the prospect of hosting duty is already filling you with seasonal nerves, fear not. We’ve put together a collection of quintessential hospitality tips perfectly paired with your hosting personality. Find your hosting style, read on for our seasonal advice, and get ready to ring in the season sans stress. 

Hosting Personality No. 1: The Planner

How do you know if you’re a Planner? Simple: you’ve already sent out invitations for your Christmas festivities and purchased all of your presents. By tackling hosting duties early, Planners try to solve any problems before they begin—and free up time to enjoy the festivities.

Sipsmith Hosting Tips: Pre-batching cocktails won’t just save you time and prevent mess—it also lets you join in the fun (and avoid being marooned in the kitchen or stuck on bartending duty). Negronis are the perfect candidate for pre-batching, as they’re simple, spirit-driven, and require only three ingredients. Mix up a large batch in advance, and simply pour over ice when thirsty guests appear. For an added twist, make a Sloe Gin Negroni by adding Sipsmith Sloe Gin to impart additional richness and sweetness. You can also liven up a Negroni base with Gingerbread Syrup and ginger beer to make a Christmassy spritz, or lengthen your Negroni with red berry tea to make a Hot Negroni.

Hosting Personality No. 2: The Procrastinator

Sloe Royale


The foil to the Planner, the Procrastinator usually operates behind schedule—and might not even pick up party supplies until an hour or two before the festivities are due to begin. Even if you’re a last-minute type, worry not: you only need a few key ingredients to master a last-minute bash.

Sipsmith Hosting Tips: One of the simplest serves you can make this Christmas—and also one of the most impressive—is a Sloe Gin Royale. Best of all? Because you only need a bottle of Sipsmith Sloe Gin and some Prosecco (or Champagne) to hand, you can prep a tray of cocktails mere moments before guests walk through the door. While you’re at the shops, don’t forget to grab a few extra bottles of gin—they also make excellent last-minute gifts.

Hosting Personality No. 3: The Perfectionist


Christmas Gin Stocking

You’ve decked the halls, you have a gourmet menu planned, and you’ve already picked your party outfit—yes, you’re probably a Perfectionist. For you, hosting isn’t a chore; instead, it’s an exciting opportunity to flex your creative muscles (and dazzle your guests with your warm hospitality and good taste).

Sipsmith Hosting Tips: Domestic deities don’t need help with the logistical aspects of festive hosting, but we can certainly share some styling advice. If gin is at the heart of celebrations, make it part of your decorating scheme, too: skip the baubles and festoon your tree with Sipsmith Christmas tree decorations (handily, they also double as perfect party favours). If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a gin lover, you can also pre-order our stockings filled with ginful gifts. As for the drinks, prep a warming batch of Mulled Sloe Gin, which fills your home with the aroma of winter spices. 

Hosting Personality No. 4: The Experimenter 

Mince Pie Gin

Whether it’s embarking on ambitious culinary projects, sourcing unusual ingredients, or trying all the trendy new bars and restaurants in town, the Experimenter has a roving sense of curiosity and no shortage of creative flair. Their parties are always unexpected, and all the more exciting for it.

Sipsmith Hosting Tips: If you like sharing your penchant for discovery with your guests, host an interactive bar at your next Christmas party. Stock up on our Gingerbread Syrup, pick up a few different gin bottles and garnishes, and allow guests to playfully combine flavours and make their own serves. Alternatively, surprise your guests with seasonal spirits like Sipsmith Mince Pie Gin, or host a tasting of our limited-edition Sipping Society gins. 

Hosting Personality No. 5: The Outsourcer

Hot Gin

Perhaps hosting just isn’t your style—or, following a series of minor disasters (closed shops, overcooked turkey, and the like), you find yourself unexpectedly in need of a new venue. Don’t panic: outsource your hosting duties instead.

Sipsmith Hosting Tips: Repairing to the pub isn’t just a last-resort solution—it’s a bona fide Christmas tradition. If you still fancy a ginful festive experience, pick a pub that has Sipsmith serves on the menu. Find a place by the fire, order a steaming Hot Mulled Sloe Gin, and let the seasonal stress melt away. Alternatively, make your way to John Lewis’s Roof Garden, located five stories above Oxford Street. We’ll be hosting Skyline Skating until 6th January. Come for the open-air skating rink, stay for the snuggly cabins, hot gin serves, and ginny masterclasses.

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