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London Cup

Sipsmith London Cup is a sublimely sippable punch crafted from our award-winning London Dry Gin, infused with tea, borage, lemon verbena and a host of other botanicals.


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Tasting Notes

The Nose

Burnt orange and caramel with a burst of fresh citrus

The Palate

The bold juniper notes of the gin are complimented by a zesty marmalade on the palate

The Finish

Notes of scorched oak and bitter-sweet spice

Serving Suggestions


  • Borage

    Also known as the starflower, the leaves of the borage plant give a fresh, almost sweet flavour reminiscent of cucumber.

  • Lemon Verbena

    Lemon Verbena

    Our Lemon Verbena brings sweet, fresh citrus flavours reminiscent of the finest lemons.

  • Rose Petals

    Rose Petals

    Rose petals give a subtle, but beautiful floral note to our London Cup, and are distilled as a single botanical and then blended to the mix.

  • Tea


    We use blend of black tea, flavoured with the addition of bergamot oil. It has a long history of being drunk with the addition of alcohol and was a common mixer in the 19th Century.

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Crying out for lemonade and fruit

A sublimely sippable concoction hand crafted using Sipsmith London Dry Gin, with infusions of tea, rose petals and lemon verbena, alongside a host of other botanicals.

Product Information:
29.5% ABV


Kind of like Pimms but 100x better


The grown-up alternative to Pimm’s from the talented Sipsmith team

31 Dover

Inspired by the punches and cups of eighteenth century London, this is perfect for marrying with lemonade in the sun.

Sipsmith Jared


  1. A perfect summer drink with lemonade.. I used to drink Pimm’s but I’d never go back now! Too good…


  2. A perfect summer drink with lemonade.. I used to drink Pimm’s but I’d never go back now! Too good


  3. Quite simply the Rolls Royce of Pimm’s, Best with Fever-Tree’s Ginger Ale with a few cut strawberries & lots of ice! Fantastic!


  4. Tastes much less sugary than Pimm’s and packed full of flavour. I tried it with lemon and a sprig of mint and it was delicious!


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