The Story

A gin cup inspired by the punches of 1800's London

Punch proliferated in a city gone mad for gin. After British sailors returned to London from India, they brought with them a magical potion that takes its name from the Hindi word 'panch,' meaning five, and named for its five flavour components (spirit, sweet, dilution, citrus, spice, bitter). Our Sipsmith London Cup is inspired by these punches of old and blends Earl Grey tea, lemon verbena and borage with a selection of vermouth and bitters, and of course our classic London Dry Gin.

Tasting notes

The Nose
Burnt orange and caramel with a burst of fresh citrus

The Palate
The bold juniper notes of the gin are complimented by a zesty marmalade on the palate

The Finish
Notes of scorched oak and bitter-sweet spice

C’est Chic

A delectable, Sipsmithian creation using our London Cup: C'est Chic will be gracing the cocktail menus of the Sipsmith Gin Shop for the 2017 festival season....

London Cup Mule

Our London Cup makes a perfect addition to this variant on the classic Moscow Mule....

London Cup Negroni

Our London Cup proves a delightfully aromatic addition to the classic Negroni....