Strawberry Smash

This unique twist on our London Dry Gin is distilled with real Wimbledon strawberries and a hint of English mint to capture the very essence of Championship sipping.

Enjoy in a G&T, Collins or Club for the perfect serve.

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Tasting Notes

The Nose

Unmistakably juniper forward with a subtle strawberry aroma, followed by light citrus and hints of mint.

The Palate

A kiss of strawberry and mint balanced with herbaceous notes of classic London Dry Gin.

The Finish

Delicate fruitiness and dry juniper mingles to a smooth mint finish.

Serving Suggestions

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Last year's Wimbledon strawberries, this year's champion gin. Quite Right. 

We’re excited to bring to you our sensationally sippable Limited Edition Strawberry Smash Gin; the second of our Sipping Series gins. This unique London Dry Gin is distilled with the 2020 strawberry harvest from Hugh Lowe Farms in Kent, the exclusive grower for Wimbledon. Crafted with the addition of a hint of English mint for perfectly balanced flavor, this is a truly sensational summertime gin.

Our Strawberry Smash Gin is delightfully versatile; enjoy in this summery twist on a G&T with a winning garnish: a freshly sliced strawberry, or craft into a Club for a delightfully creamy serve. Find more strawberry ginspiration on our online cocktail library here.

Product Information:
40% ABV