London Dry Gin
Lemon Gin - Lemon Drizzle Mojito
Sipsmith Very Berry Spritz
strawberry smash gin
freeglider alcohol free spirit
vjop G&T
sloe gin
orange cacao gt
sip book simple gin cocktails

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Purchase a bottle of your favourite gin to take home at the end of your tour.

Enter the coupon code ‘TOURS’ at the checkout to save 10%, and ensure you pick up all purchases before you leave.


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  Product Quantity
london dry gin
London Dry Gin 70cl
Lemon Drizzle Gin 70cl
zestyorange gin
Zesty Orange Gin 70cl
very berry gin
Very Berry Gin
A bottle of Sipsmith Strawberry Smash Gin 2022 Championships Edition
Strawberry Smash Gin 2022
Sloe Gin 50cl
Sipspresso Coffee Gin
London Cup 70cl
FreeGlider™ Alcohol Free Spirit
sip book np bg
SIP: Cocktail Book
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More Product Information

Take your favourite gin home this evening.

Please ensure you purchase any bottles from this page and collect your bottles this evening before you leave the distillery. If you'd like to have it delivered to a UK address please head to our main website shop here.

London Dry Gin - 70cl - £29
Lemon Drizzle Gin - 70cl - £29
Zesty Orange Gin - 70cl - £29
Very Berry Gin - 70cl - £29
Strawberry Smash Gin - 70cl - £29
Sipspresso Coffee Gin - 70cl - £29
FreeGlider Non-Alcoholic Spirit - 70cl - £22.50
Sloe Gin - 50cl - £25
V.J.O.P Gin - 70cl - £40
London Cup - 70cl - £20
Sipping Vodka - 70cl - £28.50
Orange & Cacao Gin - 50cl - £25
SIP Gin Cocktail Book - £15.99

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Enter the coupon code 'TOURS' to save 10% and ensure you pick up all purchases at the end of the tour.

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