Southside Fizz

Try this refreshing Southside Fizz at your next garden party.
Taste Refreshing
  • 2 parts Sipsmith® London Dry Gin

  • 1 part lime juice, freshly squeezed

  • 1/2 part simple syrup

  • Splash of club soda

  • Handful of mint (save a sprig for garnish)

  • 1

    Add a handful of mint to the bottom of the shaker and muddle lightly - don't break down the mint too much or you'll have pulpy pieces floating unpleasantly in your drink

  • 2

    Add gin, lime juice, and syrup to the shaker

  • 3

    Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously until well combined, about 10-15 seconds

  • 4

    Double strain into a highball

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