Previously known as the Quarterly Sipping Service, our Sipsmith Sipping Society is perfect for the adventurous gin lover.

Is there anything better than having regular parcels of gin delivered straight to your door? Yes: having regular parcels full of limited edition, small batch distillations – featuring rare ingredients and seasonal flavours – delivered straight to your door.

We’re very pleased to re-introduce you to the Sipsmith Sipping Society. Four times per year, you’ll be sent a special delivering containing four secret gins nestled within. They’ve been crafted by our Master Distiller Jared Brown, Head Distiller Ollie Kitson, and the rest of our talented team in the Distillery Lab.

Though our Sipping Society is making its formal debut, savvy sippers may recall its first incarnation as the Quarterly Sipping Service. This pilot project, hosted on Indiegogo, succeeded thanks to the generosity and support of our community of gin-lovers. With their encouragement, we smashed our targets and raised 200% of our funding goals within the first three days of the campaign.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed creative license in our Distillery Lab, and have been able to experiment with all kinds of flavours and techniques. And the results have been delectable: from our Strawberries and Cream Gin to our Hot Cross Bun Gin, our Cherry and Cocoa Gin Liqueur to our spicy Peter Piper Gin, every batch has been a surprise and delight. Members can expect the same adventurous spirit in our future Sipping Society shipments, with four new flavours unveiled each season.

In the spirit of celebration it’s worth mentioning that our original Quarterly Sipping Service even inspired the latest addition to our gin portfolio: the zesty, indulgent, and utterly delicious Lemon Drizzle Gin. An early and fast favourite, it’s made with multiple lemon additions, and has a light and biscuity sweetness. It’s almost irresistibly good, and available exclusively at M&S.

Now, one year after our Indiegogo campaign, we’re thrilled that the Sipping Society has made its formal debut. For those who are tempted to join our estimable society, membership can be purchased here: for £160, members will receive a total of sixteen different limited-edition gins over the course of the year, with accompany cocktail recipe cards to kick-start your inspiration.

So what’s next for the Sipping Society? In our upcoming shipment, we’ll be sending four very special, Christmas-themed gins to your doorstep. Flavours are as yet under wraps, but do believe us when we say it’ll be quite the festive treat!

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