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Throw A Martini With Sipsmith This World Gin Day

in Gin Culture June 9, 2020

A Martini made with Sipsmith London Dry Gin and dry vermouth – can you name a more iconic cocktail? But there’s more than one kind of Martini, and the best way to mix it is disputed the world over. This World Gin Day, 13th June, we’re championing the Martini throw – we’d argue the most skilful mixing method, which combines science and showmanship to produce a sensationally sippable Martini.

Sipsmith Swans from all over the globe will be live on Instagram, throwing over 1,000 Martinis during our gincredible fundraising challenge in support of the hospitality industry: our 24-Hour Martini Throwing Marathon. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Martini throwing and how you can donate to this important cause.


We’re pleased to announce our chosen UK charity for our 24 Hour Martini Throwing Marathon is Hospitality Action. All donations received during our World Gin Day Martini throwing challenge will go to this fantastic cause, along with other hospitality charities from around the world, who provide financial and emotional support to thousands of hospitality workers whose livelihoods have been impacted by the current pandemic.


Whilst a shaken Martini was made famous by no other than James Bond, it’s actually one you should never request. We recommend you leave the spying to 007 and the Martini expertise to us. When it comes to making the perfect Martini, shaking may overdilute the drink, so you’ll find a stirring is a better option to combine and chill your Martini. However, we’d choose a thrown Martini every time.

Now, “what is throwing?” we hear you ask. Let us explain; throwing is an old-school technique that us Sipsmith Swans think should never have gone out of fashion. Why? Because pouring a Martini from a tumbler high above your head into a tumbler held below not only looks impressive, but also releases aromatics, resulting in a silky-smooth sip. It requires a steady hand and razor-sharp accuracy but, like every expertly crafted gin cocktail, practice makes perfect.


Whilst the classic Martini is one of the world’s best-known cocktails, which combines London Dry Gin with vermouth and is garnished with lemon peel or an olive, you might not know that there are 100 different variations of the Martini. Here are our top five Martini recipes for some ginspiration this World Gin Day:

Classic Martini
Dirty Martini
Gibson Martini
Vesper Martini (Bond’s favourite)

If a Martini isn’t your favourite sip, there are plentiful variations of this classic serve you can throw too, such as the Espresso Martini – we prefer it with gin, of course – or the Millionaire’s Martini, which both offer a delicious twist on this classic cocktail.


We’d love for you to join us this World Gin Day by tuning into our Instagram @sipsmith where’ll you find us live streaming for 24 hours. We’ll be hosting regular Martini throwing masterclasses, ginspirational interviews and Q&As. So, come bearing your Martini ingredients, life’s biggest Martini questions and help us raise funds for the hospitality industry, which has been severely impacted during these uncertain times. Tune in from 10am Saturday 13th June to learn how to make your favourite Martini tipple from home and share your creations tagging us @sipsmith and using #worldginday.

All the Martini ingredients you’ll need to is a bottle of Sipsmith London Dry Gin and a bottle of dry vermouth – we used Martini Extra Dry, which you should be able to find in all major supermarkets. If you’re not quite ready to try throwing, you can stir with our professional Martini Stirring Glass and Swan Barspoon or purchase one of our limited-edition bottled Martinis.

World Gin Day Martini

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