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5 Simple Gin Cocktails to Make at Home with SIP

in Mixology January 15, 2021

Whatever your level of mixology skill, our Gin Cocktail Book, SIP, proves that delicious cocktails don’t need to be complicated – nor does your home bar need to be full. Each cocktail uses our quintessential London Dry Gin and a maximum of two other ingredients. Find five of our favourite cocktails from SIP below.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here is an exclusive preview at five cocktails that all feature just three ingredients – one of which is our classic London Dry Gin. Take a look at how Cara, Christy and Jenna brought them into their homes for an evening of sensational sipping.


Traditionally made with tequila, our gin version still brings the fiesta to a film night or taco feast.

Turn to page 207 of your SIP book to find the recipe, or find it here: Before you add your ingredients to the glass, moisten the rim of a rocks glass or tumbler with a little grapefruit juice, then dip in a saucer of salt to create a salted rim. This serve is built in your glass; simple add plentiful ice, then add 50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin, 10ml fresh lime juice and 100-150ml fresh pink grapefruit juice. Combine with your Sipsmith Drinks Stirrer and garnish with a grapefruit twist.

page 207

paloma cocktail

And while it’s easy to assemble in any kitchen, if you fancy treating yourself – or someone special – to a few new bar tools, then head to our online gin shop, where you will find professional barware such as our Measuring JiggerSwan Stirrer and Swan Bar Spoon. In the meantime, we’ve got all the advice you need to turn your everyday kitchenware into cocktail-making equipment. From using an egg cup as a jigger to shaking up a simple – but eminently professional – gin cocktail in a marmalade jar.


A connoisseur of perfect pastries and sumptuous sweet treats, it’s no surprise that Christy @the_lazyfoodie adds a little balance to her menu with this Prohibition-era sour. Mingling gin, honey and citrus, she turned her simple gin cocktail into something special by adding a personal touch. How? She turned to her copy of SIP to learn how to garnish each glass with a lemon peel twist. After all, why skimp on perfect presentation just because you are at home? From zingy mint to aromatic rosemary and the sweet smell of basil, we suggest taking a leaf out of Co-Founder, Master Distiller and keen gardener Jared’s book and grow your own gin garnishes. It’s amazing how your herb garden – even if it’s confined to a kitchen windowsill – can add a delicious extra dimension to a gin and tonic or spritz.

To craft this citrusy serve, turn to page 57 of your SIP book or find the recipe here.

Bee’s Knees – page 57 @the_lazyfoodie

Sipsmith Bee's Knees cocktail


Just as Christy chronicles hot chocolates and coffee, both enjoyed at home and while out exploring, she turned again to SIP to pair one British institution (Sipsmith London Dry Gin) with another – a beautifully brewed cup of tea.

Like so many simple gin cocktail recipes we think every aspiring bartender should aim to make, this tea-infused creation is easy to assemble and the perfect companion to at-home entertaining. As the perfect partner to scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream, as well as after-dinner toddies, we’re long-time sippers of tea-infused gin cocktails.

To craft this simple gin cocktail at home, turn to page 191 of your SIP book or follow our instructions here: In an ice-filled cocktail shaker (a large jam jar will suffice), add 50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin, 25ml fresh lemon juice and 25ml homemade tea syrup and shake until combined. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Gin Tea – page 191 @the_lazyfoodie

Sipsmith Gin Tea cocktail


Invented by celebrated London bartender Dick Bradsell in the 1980s, the Bramble is a blackberry lover’s dream. And as Jenna @jennafifi is an advocate of healthy rituals and wellness routines, it’s no wonder she favours this fruit-forward gin cocktail.

To craft a Sipsmith Bramble, turn to page 99 of your SIP book, or find it online here.

And remember that, as your cocktail-making confidence grows, nothing will stand in your way – not even a missing ingredient. From innovative improvisations to substitutes that will make your next serve extra special, you don’t need to compromise to enjoy an extraordinary sip.

Bramble – page 99 @jennafifi

bramble simple gin cocktail


Living in the idyllic Somerset countryside, Jenna is a million miles from the New York neighbourhood that gives its name to this fruity creation. Thought to be the first cocktail to use fresh juice, it was invented in Manhattan’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel in 1906 by bartender Johnny Solon. And while he dedicated the drink to the curious creatures living in the newly opened Bronx Zoo, Jenna has her menagerie of furry rescue dogs for company instead.

To craft this classic gin cocktail, turn to page 85 of your SIP book or follow this simple instructions: simply combine 25ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin, 25ml dry vermouth and 25ml fresh orange juice in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass before garnishing with an orange twist.

The Bronx – page 85 @jennafifi

the bronx simple gin cocktail

Don’t forget to take a photo of your SIP book cocktail creations and tag us @sipsmith so we can see your bar-quality cocktail at home on social media.

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